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  • Black Friday

      Black Friday, Cyber Week.. I doubt I’m the best to give shopping tips (since it’s still quite new in Finland) but I wanted to share my black friday inspired look. And by that I mean I just applied black everywhere. And highlight. I applied highlighter a ton. I’m always amazed how subtle makeup can look in […]

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  • Countdown to Christmas

    Guess what’s here? That’s right – it’s the Christmas calendar from lookfantastic! And it’s huge and beautiful and it’s mine! This year I decided I wanted a beauty calendar for Christmas and I searched all the internet for the perfect one. This one got all the praise and since I’ve ordered from lookfantastic before and I like their brands […]

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  • New hair favorites from Davines

    If I’ve learned anything from hair care it is that you should invest in quality products used in hair saloons. One of my favorite brands is Davines whose OI-Conditioner has been my favorite for a long time. Davines is an Italian salon brand that acts sustainably. They use local farmers’ harvest in their products and their packaging is […]

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  • Naked 2 Tutorial

    Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette is one of my favorite palettes. It has nice cool shades that suit my blue eyes  and my light features. This is my go-to look using the palette. It’s quite neutral but you can always add more depth if you want or pair it with a dark lip as I […]

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  • Skincare for eyes


    The skin around eyes demand care just like the rest of our face. Actually it demands even more ’cause the skin there is thinner and more sensitive. Especially for heavy makeup users it’s the area that takes up the most of the products: primer, eye shadow, liner, mascara, fake lashes, concealer, another concealer.. etc.  Also […]